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During the meet of the Restaurants owners in Chandigarh during the first week of February, the issue of paid news was officially discussed with serious concern. Instead of "create need this company create greed" inside the head of all Restaurants owners.

Dhruv Bhutiani, Vice president of Zomato says that 35% of the money spent by Restaurants and cafes for advertisement to the Internet company is actually for fake branding, where they post anonymous reviews on their own site by fake profiles and in addition, Zomato send bots to like, comment and share the fake opinions on other social media sites. pro claim that functionality of website is better than any major social media sites such as Facebook, twitter or Google plus.

If you still browsing the website, just look at listing of Peddlers, Sector 35, Chandigarh. 13 users reviews are posted under this venue, all are positive and just look at the professional language they use to describe this venue. Well, my dear friends - 90 % are fictional. zomato cheat and employees are pretty much trained in it.

Search for nightlife in Chandigarh, the best options pre-decided for all the users and that is "The cafe JW Marriot" in Sector 35 B Chandigarh. When I tried to ask the marketing manager that how come 31 positive reviews about your venue is posted here whereas actual situation is too worst of your cafe. He smiled and said "We paid enough"

Underdogs sports bar in vasant kunj opened with inexpensive menu and expectations of 20% profitability in next 2 years. But, miracle did by zomato and this Restaurants is earning more than expected footfall and sales in just 1 year. Thanks to paid reviews posted by Zomato. Now, this Restaurants is opening third venue in Chandigarh and big banners are already posted on the website.

With proudly manner and loud voice Vice president of Zomato, Dhruv Bhutiani himself came to my office and offer me to follow "fake branding". I realized then and there that his entire pitch is just filled with lies and professional and trendy look is just the part of cheating. Instead of calling him vice president i should call him "*** man"

Just beware from this guy and other employees of zomato. Here are the quick links to find this person

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #637724

pankaj chaddah is just try to kill the argument but this is real fact of zomato.

confession is the only remedy left for you pankaj chaddah. :eek

i appreciate your spirit himanshu, you did a great job.

speak up in public forums about zomato is not so easy as everybody is afraid of paid media culture in india :cry


We never charge for reviews, nor have we ever had such a model or offering. We have always kept content completely different from revenue and will always do so in the future. You can read how we operate in this aspect on our blog here and we stick to our principles - Neither the hawker, nor the Marriott in Chandigarh have ever paid us and I can confidently say the above mentioned 'facts' are manufactured.

We generate revenue by selling ad-space to restaurants which is completely separate from the content (information and reviews. Underdoggs in Chandigarh has purchased ad-space from us to promote their outlet which is why you see their creatives - I really wonder how you can confuse that with content.

Dhruv is one of our oldest employees and there is no question on his integrity. There is no reason for us to question him.

My email id is, feel free to get in touch.

to Pankaj Chaddah (co-founder, Zo Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #943045

@Pankaj Chaddah You know what you do.There is no denying it. The restaurants you call "featured" should be called "Advertisement" if you claim to be so transparent.

Don't you think? eh?

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